If you would like us to accompany you on your trip, please contact Stephan. He designed us in his Art and Design Studio in Uster, Zurich, Switzerland. We are made by handwork and are not an impersonal industrial product. We are no clones, each of us is individual and. We would love to travel with you.


In a few months it will be possible for you to buy us officially on this website. Are you too impatient to wait? Then ask Stephan: he will send you a couple of Tummels for a special price.

Stephan is currently designing a travel sleeping bag and a packaging for us: it will be easy for you to carry us.


Our white colour makes it easy to find us on photos, although we are small and even if we look tiny on the picture. If you take pictures with us, send the best ones to Stephan! We would be very happy! He would then publish them on this website and put your name under your photo serie.

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Stephan Gervers
Florastrasse 42
8610 Uster

How should I take a picture with the Tummels?

The best way is to use two or three Tummels. Set them in the position you like the most. There are many combinations possible. If you need inspiration, just have a lot at the pictures published on this website. Then take your own special picture including a motive that is typical of the place you are visiting. It can be a piece of architecture, a landscape, etc.

What should I do to get the photos published on this website?

Please send Stephan the pictures you like most (maximum 10). Stephan will make a selection and put the best ones on this website. Please also send information about the place or destination you visited with the Tummels.

Which tool can I use to send the photos?

The best way is to use wetransfer.com or send Stephan a dropbox link to the following address: info@tummels.ch.

Resolution and format of the pictures

Please send Stephan your pictures in the best resolution. It will allow him to optimize them and publish the best version of your pictures. But of course you are the one to decide which resolution you wish to send Stephan.

Please send Stephan JPGs or TIFF formats.

What about the copyright?

Stephan will use your pictures only in relation with the Tummels. By sending Stephan your photos, you allow him and give him the permission to use them in all his Tummels communication media, e.g. the Tummels website, a Tummels flyer or a brochure.

If Stephan ever produces offline communication or marketing material with your images, he will first ask your permission to do so.

You will keep the rights of your pictures forever. In case you decide you no longer wish your pictures to be published on this website, please inform Stephan by sending him an e-mail and he will delete them.

What are the Tummels made of?

The Tummels are made of porcelain powder. They are produced in a mold and then are left to dry for about two days. Finally they are sanded and polished.

How much does one Tummel weigh?

Each Tummel weighs about 180 grams and is made of porcelain powder.

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